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We are proud to announce that this year we are marching towards our 30th



Having engaged in film subtitling business over those years, we have been

experiencing through different stages of process : from our first manual equipment

(with copper plates) in 80's to our first laser subtiting machine bought in 1998, it is

always our aim and goal to provide our utmost services to all our clients and do our

best to complete the job on every movie copy with our most intensive care, and we

would like to take this opportunity to present our deep thanks for the support and

trust you gave us during all these years, not just for the excellent job we have done

but also because of the high security measures carried out in our workshop that

you could put your print copies in our hands without worries.


And in 2012, we are going to step into another stage : from laser machine to DCP production, and we are pleased to inform you that the relevant equipments are being installed at our new office and will be put in work once all tests are completed. For your information, this new office has just finished equipping with a more precise and rigorous security system to enforce double safety to all materials in our hands.